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Cassie Austin : Teaching Artist

Teaching ignites my spirit. I mentor artists of all ages, guiding them to unlock their vast potential through song and movement. My joy is in fostering each student's aspirations, from casual exploration to intensive training. I see my students first as humans—nurturing the artist on the whole while still challenging them to be the best they can be.


Let's plan a masterclass together!
We'll tailor the experience to your students' unique needs. Possibilities include: original Broadway choreography instruction, Mock Auditions, Acting for Dancers, Dancing for Actors... the list goes on! We'll create something your artists will never forget.


College Coaching



"MTCA is proud to be the leader in developing the next generation of performing artists. Our personalized team approach, expertly pairing students and coaches, applies our uniquely comprehensive knowledge of the college audition process to deliver a proven track record of artistic acceptances.
We offer training to meet your needs, whether that is exclusively in-person, exclusively on Zoom, or in a personalized hybrid model that maximizes your time, geography, and budget."

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